A Gift for Moms from Birds on a Wire

Let’s face it – motherhood is hard.

As moms, we constantly serve our families. We cook, we clean and we spend hours of our life in the carpool line. We stay up at night thinking, praying and, if we’re being honest, worrying about our children’s well being.

Our plates are full and our days are short.

There’s nothing we want more than to love and nurture our children, but we don’t always feel encouraged or equipped to do all that comes with the job. Often times, we feel alone.

That’s why Karen Stubbs created Birds on a Wire in 2011.

Birds on a Wire is a ministry that provides Godly, practical advice and resources so you’ll feel celebrated, encouraged and equipped to parent with confidence.

We have other great resources for you like our…

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Podcast – Listen to our weekly podcast, Wire Talk, for answers to your pressing questions about parenting, marriage and navigating life as a mom. iTunes has listed it as a ‘noteworthy’ podcast for over six months.

Group Studies – Explore one of our five bible studies designed to encourage moms and connect them to God. Over 100 Birds on a Wire groups use our studies as a small group curriculum.

Events – Attend our annual Soar conference, which brings 1000+ moms together for two days in Atlanta, Georgia.

Because of people like you, we can have an even greater impact!

Birds on a Wire is grateful for the continued support of the Jeff Gore Scholarship Fund which allows Moms to attend Birds on a Wire events at reduced cost.