Curious to learn about ALL the colors?


Well now I know my color…what’s next??


Check out these additional resources to help you use your knowledge of personality to parent your child more effectively and with greater empathy! Might we suggest:

  1. Listening to a few Wire Talk episodes on parenting according to personality: Episode 60 and Episode 103 are quick listens and sure to equip you further.
  2. Reading these Tips on Motherhood blog posts from Karen: Parenting for Different Personalities and Parenting According to God’s Design
  3. Purchasing Karen’s $5.00 video lesson on Being a Student of Your Child
  4. Reading one of Karen’s personal favorite resources on parenting: Personality Plus by Florence Littauer.
  5. Visiting to take the quiz again and share it with a friend!

Quiz structure and results are based on Personality Patch training by Teresa Gilbert All rights reserved




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