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Join us this month for The Art of Motherhood book club

In this short, but compelling book, Karen Stubbs reminds us that we are never alone on our journey of motherhood. Our children are like a painting, entering the world as a blank canvas, and God is the Master Artist.

Learn to walk alongside the Master as He teaches you how to develop, nurture, and grow your children into a beautiful masterpiece. Learn to trust in Him, hear His voice, and rest in His sovereign will for your children.

  1. Grab a copy of The Art of Motherhood from our shop

  2. Take the quiz to learn what famous artist your mom style is most like

  3. Check your email each Monday for the weekly reflection question

  4. Let us know you’re reading along and tell your friends to join the fun on Facebook

  5. Join our FB live group discussion with Karen in July! 

Already have the book? Take the quiz to be signed up to receive weekly reflection questions during June.