Even Jesus Set Boundaries


Becoming a mother means that your relationship with multiple people has changed. Not only is there a new child in need of your attention and affection, but also your mother in law is now the grandmother to your children. Your husband is now a father, your neighbor’s kids are now potential influencers, and your boss just became a factor in picking your kids up from daycare on time.

That’s why boundaries are essential in life, especially in the life of a mom. Boundaries identify where you start and where someone else needs to stop. Just like a fence around a yard, boundaries protect and define what is yours – and what is not theirs. Communicating boundaries can bring anxiety to most anyone. If someone is fussing about a boundary you have set or one that you are trying to establish, generally it’s because they are not getting their way anymore. Whether we’re getting pushback from our kids, our in-laws or our office, boundaries often bring anger and guilt with them.

But momma, you don’t have to accept that guilt. Even Jesus set boundaries. Throughout the gospels we see that Jesus accepted his human limitations and he ate. Jesus napped. Jesus withdrew from his inner circle at times to be alone. Jesus did not accept inappropriate behavior from those around him. He withdrew from crowds who wanted him to continue preaching and performing miracles after he was done. He rebuked his mother and brothers when they tried to pull him away from purposeful teaching he was pursuing. Jesus did not always go along to get along nor did he let others use his life for their own ends.

Remind yourself when you establish a new boundary that you have not done anything wrong and that you have not committed a sin. You might even need to write that down somewhere if this person pushing back against you is someone you are bumping up against daily! Establishing healthy boundaries will help keep you from becoming burnt out during this hard season of mothering.