Are You Addicted To Your Phone?


This past week I interviewed author and speaker, Arlene Pellicane, on Wire Talk about technology and moms. It really is incredible how much technology has changed our lives in just a few short years. But I don't think that we, as moms, have fully realized yet the consequences that our children will suffer from us constantly detaching from “real life” via our phones.

One thing we talked about was the very real need for us as moms to put limits on ourselves concerning technology. No one else is going to make us do this, but mommas, for the sake of our children, we have got to be more disciplined!

A few practical boundaries I want to challenge you to set this week:

  1. Set a time for checking social media, but don’t be scrolling all day.

  2. Make the dinner table a phone-free zone.

  3. Put your phone “to bed” at night somewhere other than your bedroom.

  4. Bonus Challenge: leave your phone at home when you go to church or on a date night have only one person bring their phone!

We as moms need to disconnect and be present. I loved when Arlene talked about “practicing the pivot” away from our screens when our children enter the room or ask for us. Simply re-positioning your body sends a powerful signal of love and acknowledgment to your children - this helps them understand that they DO matter to us! I also loved her practical tip of setting “no screen” time for ourselves during transitional times of the day, such as in the mornings before school, and the hour right after our kids come home at the end of the school day.

Where do you need to practice discipline when it comes to your own phone use this week?