Delighting in the Holidays


The holidays are wonderful, but they can also be trying at times. Our schedules are overflowing, money is tight, expectations are high. You've got five days 'til Christmas is here mommas, so here are a few reminders to try to help you enjoy and not stress out this week!

1. Music! Make a Spotify playlist or play music from your phone that brings you joy! Whether Christmas songs or worship music, it helps keeps my thoughts in perspective and realize this world is not about me. And it's not a sin to tell the kids you're turning off the Kidz Bop Christmas channel and listening to music you like, this is your holiday season as well!

2. Make things easy for yourself. You don’t have to do everything like Joanna Gaines to have a wonderful Christmas. I baked cookies with my granddaughter the other day, just break and bake sugar cookies and she loved it! She got to roll the cookies out and put M&M’s on them, and she loved our baking together time. She also wants to do a gingerbread house, so I bought one from Target that is already assembled, because I am terrible at that, and now all we have to do is decorate. Keep it simple, moms!

3. Keep expectations low. Seriously! Write down three things you want to accomplish before the holiday is over, and as long as you get those three things done, that is good. You don’t have to do it all!

Let me know in the comments - what is one simple thing you do that puts your heart back in the right place when the season starts to overwhelm you?