Desire Follows Arousal

Moms if you haven’t had an opportunity to listen to this week’s episode of Wire Talk - please don’t miss it! Next time you are folding a load of laundry or heading to pick up the kids, take the opportunity to listen in. I think you will be blessed! Dr. Michael Sytsma of Intimate Marriages joined me and Sunny and offered up many insights into intimacy within our marriages. Here is just one thing I took away from our conversation: In marriage your “love life” ebbs and flows like any other aspect of your relationship. There are nights when we are eager to be intimate and it feels fun and simple. Other nights, you may not be in the mood at all. But - having sex is a choice we all make. And it’s a choice that brings health and happiness. Even if you are tired and worn down from the children, it is still a choice you can make. Dr. Mike talked about how as women, our desire follows our arousal, so once you decide you want to try, you’re almost halfway there!

Maybe it’ll help if you think of it like working out. Some days you’re motivated, or you feel strong, and working out sounds fun! Other days, not so much. But regardless of how you feel before, afterwards aren’t you glad you worked out? It’s good for the body and for the soul. I know I’m always glad after a good work out! ;)  So this week, try changing your mind set and make the choice to have sex with your husband. See if you aren’t glad that you did!