9 of Karen's Favorite Gifts this Year

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1. A Chick-fil-A gift card is one gift you know won't collect dust in their closet.  If you're local, grab yours from Chick-fil-A Avalon while you're doing some other holiday shopping. They are dear friends of BOAW and sponsored the SOAR Conference this year with breakfast for all of our volunteers. We are grateful for their support!

2. Each year at Christmas I get a tube of this L’Occitane Hand Lotion and it lasts me a whole year! My favorite.

3. Kelsey was styled by Noonday Ambassador Anna Hogan for the SOAR Conference this year and loved these earrings so much she kept them! I think jewelry is an easy but personal gift to give your sister or your mom and Noonday's beautiful pieces create opportunities and empower women to earn sustainable incomes all over the world. Anna is giving BOAW moms an exclusive discount thru the end of December. Text/call 404-808-9215 or email ahogan820@yahoo.com to redeem any of the following offers: 10% off any purchase -or- 15% off any order over $150. 

4. I love a good bath and these bath bombs make your skin so soft!  It’s the perfect gift to give a new mom.

5. These candles are amazing! I have one burning in my home almost all the time. Whose mother-in-law wouldn't like this?

6. Is a fellow mom on your list this year? I just love curated gift boxes and our friends at Freely Give have pulled together this beautiful gift box containing my book, Tips on Motherhood, as well as a set of refrigerator encouragement cards, a "World's Best Mother" mug and organic Cloud Mountain tea.

7. My sweet talented friend, Carla Grogan, is the artist behind these beautiful ornaments. I love giving Carla's creations out to BOAW supporters each year.

8. If you have a middle-school son and a husband who is hard to buy for - you've got to take a look at Champion Tribes. They have created an incredible group-based experience for dads and sons, designed to strengthen their relationship and teach sons the values they will need for life. What a special gift to give both your son and husband. I wish this had been around when Taylor was that age!

9. I'm reading this brand new book from Sandra Stanley now and I love it. This would be great for any friend on your list.

All right moms, it's your turn! Which gifts do you love to give each year? Share in the comments so we can all make holiday shopping a little bit easier this year!

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