Happy Birthday Wire Talk!

Moms, Wire Talk is celebrating our 100th episode this week! I can hardly believe that what started out as a simple idea to reach more moms has continued for 100 episodes and is still going strong. More and more moms subscribe to Wire Talk each week and I love hearing that it is helping meet you all where you are; whether that’s on the treadmill, in the carpool line or driving down I-75. With the growth of BOAW a few years ago it was becoming harder and harder for me to stay in touch with moms. I had decided to scale back on the live classes I was teaching and starting the Wire Talk podcast allowed me to stay engaged in the lives of the moms I love being with and bring them encouragement and equipping each week without driving all over town.  I always look forward to my time talking with Sunny about your questions – it hardly feels like “work” at all. In fact, it’s probably my second favorite part of my job. My first favorite is being in the same room with a bunch of moms!

In case you’re not already a listener, I’ve listed five of my favorite episodes below for you – this is a great place to start to get some encouragement and get a feel for what the podcast is all about.


  1. Greg & Karen Stubbs on Parenting, Marriage and Other Lessons From 31 Years Together

  2. How Do I Raise Self-Disciplined Kids?

  3. How Do I Overcome Fear?

  4. What Do I Do About Mommy Guilt?

  5. How Do I Stop Resenting My Husband?


And if you’ve been wondering what to get us for our podcast birthday?? Hop on over to iTunes real quick and leave us a five-star review!