Will We See You At Soar?

Moms we want to see each and every one of you this year at Soar! Are any of these the reasons you haven't registered yet? Maybe you haven't registered because none of your friends are going this year.  We've got you covered! We're having a pre-conference meet up for moms coming alone, so you can meet some new friends AND we'll have reserved seating just for you! Simply check the "attending alone" option at registration.

Or maybe you're thinking, "August is crazy - I can't make time for Soar."  We think this crazy time of year is all the more reason to take a breather and invest in yourself. Gear up for the year ahead of your family by coming to be equipped and encouraged.

Is it because it's just not in the budget right now?   Thanks to our generous friend Lori Gore, we have scholarship funds available in honor of her big-hearted husband, Jeff. Click HERE to apply.

Maybe you think, "I got what I needed from last year's conference."  Karen's main stage content is all-new this year and you'll get your choice of three break-out sessions from six brand new expert break-out speakers. Plus we've got games, giveaways, gourmet dessert AND guacamole with lunch this year.

Finally, if you're thinking, "I'll come next year." We wanted to be the first to tell you - we're not hosting a Soar Conference in 2019! The next Soar won't come around until 2020.

If you just haven't gotten around to it yet - good news! You can sign up HERE. ;) Registration closes August 7th. We hope to see you there!