Sleep: A Rare Commodity

Did you know studies show that moms get less sleep than dads on average? Even if you didn't, I doubt you're surprised! Sleep is a rare commodity for a mom with little ones, therefore I believe you should protect it at all costs. Sleep is consistently shown to be a factor in our overall health as well as mental well-being and you don't have to accept consistently poor sleep as a by-product of having children. From very early on moms, you need to train your children to have good sleep habits. If you feel like you have already missed the boat and you have a toddler or older child who cannot get to sleep on their own or doesn't stay in bed throughout the night, it's not too late! But it will probably be more difficult. Buy a sleep training book, watch those old Super Nanny videos I mentioned on Wire Talk this week or enlist professional help if needed. (Moms on Call is a fantastic resource.) You spend one third of your life sleeping, so don't put off solving this problem!

What are some practical boundaries you can put in place to help you regain your precious and much-needed sleep?

  1. A bedtime routine does not need to take an hour; keep it short and sweet!

  2. Your child should be expected to stay in their bed all night (unless there is an emergency, illness, etc.).

  3. Your child should not come into your room until the sun comes up, or until a certain time is on the clock.

All these things may sound harsh, but you are teaching your child good boundaries. Boundaries will not only benefit you and your sleep, but they will help your child get the sleep that is critical to their growth and development as well. We all wake up now and then in the middle of the night; your child needs to learn to put himself back to sleep. This is just part of life! If you want more practical advice, listen to this week's episode of Wire Talk for more on sleep training.

Let me know if you decide to set some boundaries when it comes to sleep in your household this week and stay strong moms, you can do this!