Soar 2018 is Here!

The Soar Conference kicks off in less than 5 hours and moms we are so ready to see each and everyone of you tonight! We have been working our tails off so that when you walk through the doors this evening you're able to let go of all the labels you wear all week long and simply be you.

Walking in tonight we are local moms and moms coming in for a weekend away, moms who just went back to work and moms who just quit jobs to stay home. We are moms of multiples and moms with our first child. Moms who only cook organic, moms who only cook mac 'n cheese and moms who let Chick-fil-A do most of the cooking. Whatever kind of mom you are and whatever labels you may be wearing, you are welcome here and we invite you to take off all of your labels and simply be you. Because this weekend the Soar conference is all for you.

Our hope and our prayer as you sit and soak up time with friends, time in worship and time being taught is that you would be encouraged and equipped for your journey of motherhood. Thank you for spending your weekend with us, we hope it is an investment that pays dividends for the rest of the year!

The Soar Conference 2018 would not have been possible without the generous contributions made by this year's sponsors.