The End of this Season


If you are the parent of a graduating senior, this Tip On Motherhood is for you! 

The school year and this high school season of life are coming to a close. Maybe high school was a fun and memorable season for you and your child or maybe you are ready to kiss all of its drama good-bye and jump into whatever the next season holds.

Either way, my advice to all you mommas out there is to try and enjoy the next few months with your graduating child. Enjoy the process of shopping for their dorm or new apartment, soak up the lazy days of summer before they embark on the next phase of their journey into adulthood and maybe make a few extra runs to your local ice cream shop.

Above all, be encouraged that your time as a mom is not over. Your child will return home, and my hope for you is that your relationship with your child will only grow closer during the next several years. I know that was true for the relationship I had with each of my four during their college years. I think sometimes distance does make the heart grow fonder with a parent and a child. Today I have a rich relationship with each of my children that truly took off after high school ended.  

Cry a few tears if you need too, but also look ahead to the new experiences you have in store and get excited for the season ahead of you both!