3 Steps To A Great Family Summer

Summer has arrived! Some of you are probably loving the warmer weather and days spent at the pool while some of you are already going crazy with the lack of routine since school got out! In order to survive this summer, you need to start the way you want to finish, so here are 3 steps you can take this week to get your family off to a great start this summer.

  1. Have a “Brady Bunch” meeting (which is what we call a family meeting in the Stubbs household) and set expectations for the summer. If I were conducting this meeting with my children I would say, “Listen up, I’m SO glad summer is here and I think this is going to be the best summer yet! Let’s have a talk about how we can all have fun and still get along with each other this summer …” Then I would share these 3 thoughts with them:

  • It’s not my job to entertain you all summer, if you come and tell me you are bored, I will be happy to share my list of things to do with you.

  • I’m so glad you are all home, but please know it’s not the weekend every day and we are not going out to eat every day.

  • Pool time, time with your friends and going off to play are all great but those things will happen after your chores are done around the house

  1. As much as possible, try to keep your children on a schedule- this really helps! Sure you can bend the rules here and there, but a schedule will help. If you still have a napper in the house and your school kids aren’t used to having that quiet time each day, set the expectation that during the baby or toddler’s nap, your older kids will play quietly or watch a show or do something to keep the house quiet. This is a great time for you to take a break mom! Take the first 10-15 minutes of quiet time and relax with a book or even a quick nap. Summer days are long and that little break will help you make it to bedtime! If your family likes to relax bedtimes in the summer, push it back but still establish what time bedtime will be. Try to stick to it for the most part. Kids thrive on routine – even in the summer.

  2. At least once a week plan a fun outing! During your family meeting, invite your kids to write down one fun thing they want to do this summer, (within reason) and then set a date on the calendar for each thing. Add some surprises of your own into the mix, whether that’s an unexpected run to DQ, the park, ice-skating, a bike ride on the Greenway, anything out of the norm to make the summer special for all of you!

Enjoy these out of the ordinary days momma, back-to-school will be here before you know it!