What Every Man Wants His Children To Be

Special thanks to Greg Stubbs for partnering with Karen on this week's episode of Wire Talk and for his thoughts on fatherhood below:  There is a line in one of my favorite movies, “The Cowboys” when John Wayne’s character, Wil Andersen, is dying and says to a bunch of young boys who have been helping him on a cattle drive, “I’m proud of ya... all of ya. Every man wants his children to be better'n he was. You are.”

As a dad, I think we all wish and hope for the same. We hope that our children are better than us, but how do we do it? There isn’t a quick fix or or easy answer. A strong and healthy relationship with your children certainly is a key component. I have tried to establish, maintain and grow my relationship with my children through the following:

  • Responsibilities given

  • Trust bestowed

  • Truth spoken

  • Character modeled

  • Persistent love demonstrated

On this Father’s Day, I can think of no sweeter gift than to look at my children and see that they are becoming better than me.