I Can't Do This, But God Can Through Me

I hope by now you’ve had a chance to listen to this week’s episode of Wire Talk. If not, go download and listen as soon as you finish reading. My friend Kimber Burgess joined us at the Nest to talk about her family’s journey parenting a child with special needs. Ladies, this is one powerful episode. It was helpful for me to hear her perspective and I think many of you would benefit from listening, regardless of whether you have a child with special needs or not. At one point during our conversation Kimber said she had asked God, “why didn’t you give Teagan a better mom? Why didn’t you give her one who loved autistic kids?” She said she felt like God had made the wrong choice by pairing her with her daughter Teagan. I couldn’t help but resonate with the feeling. Haven’t we all felt that way at some point in our parenting journeys? What Kimber told us she learned was that she couldn’t do it but God could do it through her. What a powerful message. We are not doing this parenting thing alone mommas. God has given us each the particular children He has placed into our hands for His purpose. We (and our spouses) do not bear the burden of raising our children alone. God is with us and He is working through us to send adults out into this world who bear His image and who will build up His kingdom. To try and face this task without leaning into our God is foolishness ladies. We can’t. BUT GOD can.

I pray we all will get there as moms. To be able to rest in the knowledge that, "I can’t, but God can." Pray daily that God would give you this perspective and work through you to raise up the child you have been given.