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Who Are You Seeking Approval From?

Do you seek people’s approval like I do? Do you want to please your husband, children, parents and friends? The list could go on and on. If you are pursuing others approval, why is that? Are you looking for affirmation that you are doing a good job, are you searching to find your place in the world and if you have others approval then you know you are of worth, or do you just want people to like you?

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Preparing Your Heart for The Goodness of God

If you are one of the BOAW moms that have been in our classes, you know what Clean Your Cup means. It does not mean go into your kitchen and clean all the dirty cups in your sink, or in my case, grab the 10 random cups that are laying around your bedroom/bathroom and clean them. No, we learned that cleaning your cup could be a spiritual exercise, with your cup symbolizing your heart. As Christians, we are to clean our hearts because over time our spiritual hearts get clogged with sin and—if left unattended—it hinders how we hear from God and love others. This sin may look like criticism, selfishness, arguing, not forgiving someone, or even grumbling.

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