Stop Buying Them So Many Things!

The best way to teach your child to be grateful is to STOP buying them so many things.  Our children are entitled and spoiled (and yes, I’m including my own kids in that statement!) If you’re reading this blog post, that means you have internet access and free time and you’re most likely living in a country that has plenty. It is hard to be grateful when you have an abundance of anything. Reflect on your own life, isn’t that the truth? Things that come to us easily aren’t much appreciated. If you are finding that your child takes things for granted, you need to stop giving your child so much. It is okay if your child wants something but you do not buy it for them. If they truly want it, talk them through how to save up their own money for it. Let them save up for it, earn it and they will be very grateful when they finally get it.

This week, think about where you may need to pull back on the things you are giving to your child. If necessary, have a family meeting with your child/children and let them know, “Hey, - Mom (or Mom and Dad) has not done a great job at teaching you how to appreciate money and the things that you have been given. I have created this problem, so here’s what I am going to do about it, and here’s how you are going to be affected.” It may take a while to see a change of heart in your child, but whenever we work hard and it takes time to get something, we have a much greater appreciation for it.