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Respect: It's The Best Lesson You Can Give Your Child

As moms, we need to teach our children, starting at age 1, that they need to respect their mom and dad. Children can be disrespectful at any age: the toddler trying to kick you while you are changing their diaper, the middle-schooler rolling their eyes, or the teenager talking disrespectfully. But, the majority of the time, a child is disrespectful because they have been allowed to get away with this disrespect.

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4 Truths and Tips for a Happy Back-to-School Season

Okay moms! It’s time for back-to-school! I’m sure half of you reading this TOM are sad that the summer is over, and the other half are thrilled to have the long days come to an end and ready to get a routine back into your life. I always fell in the middle somewhere. I loved summer with the late movie nights, letting the kids sleep until they woke up and having no set schedule. However, after eight weeks, I was ready to get back into a routine. Here are my tips on gearing up for back to school:

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