How Does Your Family Grow?


Some people know exactly how many children they want and then they have them. Other people plan for six and are blessed with two after years of anxiety, doctor’s visits, and tears. Still for other people, the husband wants two and the wife wants four or vice versa. How do you come to a peace that your family is the “right” size?

Let me start off by saying every family is different and we all know there is no “right” sized family. But still, we feel strongly about the dream we have. My suggestion is to talk it over with your spouse. Ask for their whys behind the number of kids they desire and then (the hard part!) truly listen.

Listen to understand first, and then share your thoughts. After talking together – pray. Seek God’s wisdom and clarity. God doesn’t want children to be a dividing point between husband and wife, so if one spouse is heading one way and the other is on a different path, ask God to give you both wisdom and to change each other’s hearts so there is peace.