Teens & Dating


This past week Greg and I had the chance to record an episode of Wire Talk together – I always love it when we get to share with the moms together! We talked at length and answered your questions on teenagers and dating. For some of you (the ones up nursing at night or driving kids to basketball practice) this may seem light years away, but many of you are in the thick of this right now and I’m sure it came faster than you thought it would!

Here are a few things Greg and I thought were important to share:

1. Give the guidelines and rules of dating before it’s needed.  Set expectations so that when they start dating everyone knows what to expect.

2. Ask your child what they are looking in a husband/wife in the future, then use their own desires to help guide them along the way as they enter into relationships.

3. Listen to your child and resist the urge to interrupt them.  Let your child open up in their own timing, not yours.

Moms, now more than ever, your teen needs a parent. Stay involved in your teen’s life.