4 Truths and Tips for a Happy Back-to-School Season

Okay moms! It’s time for back-to-school! I’m sure half of you reading this are sad that the summer is over, and the other half are thrilled to have the long days come to an end and ready to get a routine back into your life. I always fell in the middle somewhere. I loved summer with the late movie nights, letting the kids sleep until they woke up and having no set schedule. However, after eight weeks, I was ready to get back into a routine. Here are my tips on gearing up for back to school:

1. Don't procrastinate buying school supplies.

Truth: Ladies, I dreaded school supply shopping like no other chore. I have four children, and honestly, it felt like it would never end. The children KNOW you have to buy them new stuff, and every year I felt like more and more stuff was added to my cart.

Tip: Go to the stores early in the day or in the evening when the crowds aren't so large. You need to buy the supplies anyway, just face the music and get it done. You'll be glad you do. (And if you need supplies that the kids don't need to be there to choose, buy yourself a Starbucks and turn it into 'me time.' We won't tell if you look at browse school supplies AND housewares in Target.)

2. Buy one new back to school outfit and wait until later to buy the rest.

Truth: I understand that going back to school is a big deal and all children, or at least my children, wanted a new outfit for school. But good grief, in Georgia it is still 90 degrees and it is so stinking hot!

Tip: I would buy my kids just one outfit each with new shoes and all, and when it turned cooler (and the mall crowds died down), I would buy them their fall clothes.

3. Attend open house with a smile.

Truth: Children follow your lead, and even if you don’t like the teacher who was selected for your child, you need to put on a happy face (at least around them).

Tip: There were years I was less than thrilled with the teacher that my child was assigned to, but my outlook was, “God is in control, and in His sovereignty He has placed my child in this class.”  Maybe it would be to grow my child (or his/her mother!), maybe there would be a student in this class that needed my child to befriend them. Maybe the teacher needed my child in the class for some reason. I never knew for certain, but I trust God.  In all the years my children were in school, I never switched my child out of a class (with one exception in middle school). Some teachers were better than others, but we all learned from every teacher.

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4. Remember, the new year brings new possibilities!

Truth: I love starting a new school year because it brings a new beginning. I think Tom Hanks said it best in You’ve Got Mail, “I would send you a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils…”  Newly-sharpened pencils mean you are starting fresh; whether you are 5, 8, 10, 16, or 18 years old, a fresh start is always wonderful.

Tip: Celebrate this new beginning and the possibilities that lie ahead. My baby, Abby, started college last year and I was so excited for the opportunities that awaited her! People kept asking me if I was sad. The answer was NO! I couldn't wait for Abby to dive into her college experience and learn and grow, make new friends, start new adventures. Her life is ahead of her and I couldn’t be happier.

Moms, think of the possibilities that await you this year as well.  Will you be the room mom for your child’s class? Will you go back to work and start your own new adventure? Maybe this year is the year you get a handle on all the unfinished projects you have around your house or maybe you take up a class that is just for you. The possibilities are endless.  Enjoy the school year!

Let us know what you're most excited about in this new school year in the comments so that we can be praying for you and cheering you on!

Love you all,