Devotional For Moms: You Are a Child of God

This week’s blog post is taken from my new devotional book, Moments with God for Moms. A mom’s world is busy from sunrise to sunset and sometimes it is hard to find time to spend with God, even with the best intentions. I pray this devotional will help you connect with your Heavenly Father and bring encouragement to you today in your journey of motherhood. Child of God

John 1:12Yet to all who did receive Him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God—

When your child is hurting in any way, what do you do? You wrap your arms lovingly around them and you hold them, saying, “I am here. I love you.”  Sometimes, that’s exactly what your child needs- those warm hugs can make all their problems fade into the distance.

Did you know your Heavenly Father wants to love you in the same way? When God looks at you, He sees His child. Just as a mother would never turn her back on her child, God will never turn His back on you. He loves you more than you can ever imagine.  He wants to wrap His loving arms around you and hold you through your difficult days.

Today or anytime you may be hurting, weak or in need of love, go to God like you would want your child to come to you. Ask Him to wrap you in His arms and love you. Not only is God willing to hold you, He wants you to realize that He is all you need.  Allow Him to be your strength when you are weak- your rock and your foundation.  His love will carry you through anything life may throw your way. God is waiting for you to reach out to Him, just like we wait for our children to come to us when they need comfort and love.


Thank You that I am your child.  It is amazing that, through Jesus, I have the right to be Your child, receiving all the privileges that come with being a daughter of the King.  But, most importantly, I get Your love.  You are the perfect Father and I am so grateful.