Preparing Your Heart for The Goodness of God

If you are one of the BOAW moms that have been in our classes, you know what Clean Your Cup means. It does not mean go into your kitchen and clean all the dirty cups in your sink, or in my case, grab the 10 random cups that are laying around your bedroom/bathroom and clean them. No, we learned that cleaning your cup could be a spiritual exercise, with your cup symbolizing your heart. As Christians, we are to clean our hearts because over time our spiritual hearts get clogged with sin and—if left unattended—it hinders how we hear from God and love others. This sin may look like criticism, selfishness, arguing, not forgiving someone, or even grumbling.

I shared with the moms in class that as I was preparing for the fall classes and felt led to talk about our cups, God pressed on my heart the need for me to clean my cup of all the unforgiveness I had toward children/teens that had hurt my children over the years. I was holding what high school boys and girls had said to my children that hurt them and instead of forgiving them; I was holding it against them.

The question then rises, why do I need my cup cleansed? The short answer is because Jesus cannot fill our cups with the Holy Spirit, or the fruit of the Spirit, as long as our cups are dirty.

The fruit of the Spirit is love, patience, peace, gentleness, kindness, and self-control.

The second question that arises is how do I clean my cup? I believe you ask God to reveal what is in your cup. I had no idea I was holding anything against my children’s peers until I prayed and asked God if my cup was clean or dirty. He gently showed me my cup was dirty. Next you acknowledge before God what your sins are and ask for forgiveness. Ask God to fill your cup with His Spirit and His love to replace the bitterness, envy, unforgiveness or whatever your sin is. Lastly, as you go about your day- be aware. Confess throughout your day; submit your will to God’s will. For instance, pray, “God I want to be angry at this person, but I know your will for me is to love. I’m choosing to love over having anger, but I need you to do this through me. I can’t do it on my own.” Repeat as needed.

Whether you are in a BOAW group or not right now, I believe as moms, we would all benefit from taking inventory of what is in our hearts. I believe we will be better moms, wives, friends, once we do a little spring-cleaning.