The 4 “A”s All Yellow Kids Crave


We’ve taken some time to dive deeply into each of the four personality colors now and I hope you’re discovering more about your child’s temperament and seeing how you can parent them uniquely. On Wire Talk this weekwe talked (and laughed) about our yellow kids and how we can parent to their strengths. If you have a yellow in your family, you have been given such a gift!

Yellows are fun loving and usually lighthearted, they often act as a bridge between other personalities in a family, they are able to draw out quieter siblings and bring beauty and fun to the home. Here are a few more reminders if you are struggling to understand or are in a hard season with your yellow child:

1. Yellows need: Attention, Affection, Approval and Appreciation. If you have a yellow child, hearing a string of chatter from the moment their feet hit the floor in the morning is the norm. Parents are often exhausted by the seemingly endless need this child has for attention and approval. But these things are highly motivating to them, so if your yellow child seems out of sorts, do a mental inventory of these A’s and see if you have given them attention and affection recently and if you’re communicating your approval and appreciation to them.

2. Yellows do not like to get in trouble. They don’t want you to be upset with them, they want everyone to love them at all times.  In their sinful nature, they turn to controlling others through charm or manipulation. Consistently work with your child on being honest and with others and hold them accountable. They are people pleasers by nature, so you will have to teach them healthy and appropriate ways to deal with conflict.

3. Yellows need help with consistency; whether that’s sticking to a schedule or following through with a project. They will resist doing the “hard” stuff, because they would rather move on to something that feels more fun!  Starting things is fun – finishing things is not.  As the parent you need to encourage them to dig deep and do hard things. Helping them see through what they have started will help them mature into a balanced adult. Again, appeal to their strong desire for approval and appreciation and tell them you know they can do it and you love to see them tackling something that is difficult.

Pray and ask God to reveal dynamics in your parenting that are not working, and to see what you may need to change in order to help your yellow feel loved, encouraged and valued for the way He made them. Also, ask God to help you see where your child needs to be corrected and trained so they can bless (and not stress) the world with their yellowness!