Trust Your Instincts, Momma.


I travel around and speak to a lot of moms. I love that part of my job. But, as I travel, I’ve realized more and more that ALL moms are alike. We all seem to struggle with the same type of problems. One trait I see more and more is a lack of confidence moms have in their own parenting style. I’m not sure the reason behind this damaging trend. I don’t know if it is a spiritual matter, or if a mom just feels like she is the only fish swimming in the right direction. It seems that moms end up feeling like freaks of nature! I’m here today, to give any moms who feel this way a little pep talk. You are not a freak of nature! You are wise beyond your years, and God has given you a huge job of raising the next generation, so stand firm in your thinking. You are not your children’s friend until they are self-sufficient and they are living on their own. Trust in your gut and your God given instincts, even if other parents do not agree with you.

So many moms say to me, “What if I am the only mom that doesn’t allow my child to play video games all day?” Or “What if I’m the only mom who doesn’t let my child get a cell phone in 2nd grade?” or “What if I am the only mom who doesn’t drop off my middle schooler at a local shopping area to roam around for four hours with other tweens with no chaperone?” or “What if I am the only mom who doesn’t allow my child to talk disrespectful to me?” My response: “Good for you! Your child will thank you one day.”

I know we all thought peer pressure ended in high school, but I’m here to tell you that it never stops. I believe it’s time that we, as moms, stop the madness. Let's wake up and start running our own race and stop being concerned what other people will think. God gave you the job to be your child's parent because he knew there was nobody else that could do it as well as you.

Trust your instincts as a mom, and if you don’t know what to do ask God and He will give you wisdom.