WT 179: What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Motherhood


On today’s episode, Karen reflects back over 29 years of parenting and shares the big lessons she learned from all of those small moments. Plus, she shares the greatest lesson she believes she taught her kids and gives a great tip for any moms of perfection-minded blue kids. We hope this episode inspires you to take a deep breath, to keep the long view in mind, and reminds you that raising children really does take a village.

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Question 1: Before you had kids, what did you think motherhood would be like? 

Karen’s Answer: Wow! Great question! Before kids, I thought motherhood would be pretty easy.  If I’m being honest, I never thought about it too much other than I had always wanted to be a mom so of course I would be a great mom.  I thought my children would talk back every so often, but one reprimand they would never do it again.  

Question 2: Looking back over 29 years of parenting, how was the day-to-day reality of parenting different from how you thought it would be? 

Karen’s Answer: Parenting was a lot harder than what I thought.  I never realized how mundane it was. It’s like every day you are experiencing Groundhog day, especially in the younger years.  As the children got older that changed, but when they were little, every day we hit repeat.  

The other thing that was different is I didn’t realize that each child would be completely different, so all that I learned with Kelsey was really just for Kelsey, I had to start over with Emily and then Taylor, then Abby.  Then when they were all older, I had to remind myself, which child I was dealing with and what worked for that child.  

I also never realized how attached I would be to my kids. Little things they did could make my day.  But, then when they said not nice words, that ruined my day.

Question 3: What are a few pieces of advice you would give your younger self if you thought you would listen to you? 

Karen’s Answer:

A. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  It doesn’t matter if their bow matches their outfit!

B. You can’t change a child, but you can work with them. It took me three children to understand that concept. 

C. Relax during the newborn stage.  Once again, I didn’t really enjoy newborns until Taylor and Abby.  With Kelsey I felt more uptight. 

D. Take a deep breath and breathe. Usually nothing is so bad you can’t make it right.

Question 4: As a mom of adult children, how does mom life now compare to how you thought it would be? 

Karen’s Answer: I am busier now than ever before, and my children STILL want me to be there for them. I am flattered, but I didn’t think it would be that way so much.  I love hanging out with my kids, and especially my grandkids, but the guilt is still there. I have to remind myself, I have not committed a sin, and we are all good. I LOVE having adult children, so much more than I thought.  We are all very close, and truly love hanging out .

Question 5:  If moms take away just one practical nugget from this conversation, what do you hope it would be? 

Karen’s Answer: It is ALL going to work out. Don’t be anxious about it.  Remember Matthew 6:26, the verse Birds is founded on. Jesus is going to take care of you and your family!

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Hosted by Karen Stubbs and Sunny Williams, written & produced by Katie Leipprandt, edited by Kyle Cummings


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