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WT 176: Keep It Simple, Momma!

From managing extracurricular activities and keeping our homes in order to shepherding our children's faith and paying attention to our marriage in the midst of it all; on today's show we're talking about 4 aspects of family life that are easy to overcomplicate. If you're feeling overwhelmed by pressure to do it all and do it all well, this episode is one you don't want to miss.

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WT 110: Raising Little Girls

Today we're talking all about little girls. This is the 3rd episode in a mini-series focused on raising boys and girls. For the last two weeks we tackled tough questions from boy mamas and today we are switching gears to talk about raising little girls. Tune in if sassiness, body image or competition between sisters is something you've ever dealt with!  Like what you heard? Subscribe today and leave us a review in iTunes!

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WT 108: Raising Little Boys

We are excited to bring you the first episode in our mini-series all about Raising Boys & Girls today. In this episode we are fielding questions from boy moms - specifically moms with little boys. Body odor and hormones here we come! What a privilege and what a challenge to be a boy mom huh? If you love Wire Talk, visit for more encouragement for your journey of motherhood and subscribe in iTunes so you never miss an episode! 

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WT 083: My Kids Are Acting Out: What Should I Do?

Tantrums, fits, and screams, oh my! We all dislike bad behavior: you, me, family members, neighbors, that lady in line at the grocery store that gives you a sideways glance. Handling children with high energy or children that act out is tough. Listen to Karen describe how she handled her children’s bad behavior with the questions you provided for this episode.   

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WT 082: I Didn't Know I Had To Prepare For That: Anticipating The Unexpected

As moms, we’re constantly thinking about what’s next. We meal prep, we pack diaper bags, we schedule appointments, we run errands; but, every now and then we run into situations in which we don’t know how to prepare. Coming across the unexpected can really throw a wrench into an otherwise planned and routine day, week, month, or year! In this episode, listen to Karen weigh in on multiple scenarios of unexpected situations submitted by moms, like you.

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